Creative Ways to Use White Tile

We’re working on a renovation of a loft in the Flatiron, and at the moment we are focusing on designing and specifying the kitchen and bathrooms. In the guest bathroom, we’ve decided to use white subway tile both because we like how it looks and fits with the industrial vibe of the apartment, but also because it is very budget friendly. What’s great about using white subway tile is all of the different ways you can amp it up without breaking the bank. Simply by using a little black grout and some brass fittings, white tile can go from blah to bling! Below are images from a favorite bathroom of ours featured in Veranda magazine. The designer used a thin black tile inlay to create walls with serious architectural interest. We love the bold black and white stripe floors, too. whitetile1Below left and right, two great examples of black tile being mixed in with white to create a graphic, glam look. whitetile2Below, two totally different uses of white subway tile. Left- WOW! Right- Completely sophisticated, clean and subdued. bwtileIn the bathroom of his Manhattan apartment (photographed by Elle Decor), John Derian keeps costs down going the white tile/black grout route and splurging on fabulous brass fittings and fixtures. Great combination, no?whiteandgoldTwo more examples, below, of white tile and black grout accented with glamorous brass fittings. whiteandblackbrass We’re looking forward to finding the perfect brass fittings to take the guest bathroom we’re working on to the next level! One word to the wise on white tile and black grout: make sure you have a good installer because there’s nothing worse than messy black grout all over your pristine white tiles!

  • Victoria

    love this post as I’m currently in the process of trying to plan my bathroom makeover.
    Can you recommend any good white subway tile that you’ve worked with and like?

  • Lauren

    We like the Waterworks Field Tile!