A Home Office

We’re working on a beautiful, lovingly restored, old Georgian-style house in Westchester right now. One of the most important rooms to our client is her home office, which is right off of the family room. She wants to create a sophisticated, grown-up, but still cozy room, where she can get work done but also where her kids can feel comfortable playing on the floor or curling up on the sofa with their favorite “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book. Here’s the floor plan of the office, below, which is part of the addition to the house built a few years back. As you can see, the room is sun filled, with windows on all three sides and one large bay window that creates the perfect nook for a sofa. Storage for our client was key, so we are opting to build a custom, built-in desk on one wall with lots of drawers and cabinets.

officefloorplanThe sofa in front of the bay window will be made by our upholsterer (below, an example of this style of sofa that he made for another project).sofaTwo different desk chair options with two different leather options. The Hunt chair, below left, is a reproduction of a vintage modern chair with lovely curved legs. The Amsterdam chair, below right, is a reproduction of a late-1800’s French dining chair.deskchairWhile there isn’t space for many pieces of furniture in this room, we wanted to squeeze in just one lounge chair. These are the options:chairThis office, with all of its windows looking out on to the green backyard is all about feeling like you’re outside when you’ve got to be inside getting work done. We thought it would be nice to extend this idea of bringing the outdoors in with a piece of art by one of our favorite artists, Paul Lange, from his “Big Blooms” series (see more of Lange’s work here).

artSo, what are the textiles and materials for this room? Well, here’s the first scheme option, using a traditional blue and white floral for the panels on either side of the bay window (some of the fabric colors get a little funky looking post-iPhone photo session so  so you’ll have to trust us that they actually do look great together in person!). You’ll see both schemes feature the same natural wall covering and sisal rug. materials1We liked how the blown-up pattern of the sisal rug (below right) mimicked the flowers in the curtain fabric. scheme1Both schemes use the same lamp shapes, side table, and etagere with different pillow fabrics. decorativeaccessories1The second scheme option is more graphic with a little more “pop.” The orange color scheme was inspired by this fantastic new fabric by Timothy Corrigan for Schumacher (below, top right) that features two wide stripes of embroidery all the way down the length of the fabric. scheme2The natural wall covering and sisal rug also work with the orange scheme. schemeofficeSame pieces, different pillows!

accessories2So, now’s your chance! Which scheme do you prefer? Blue or orange?

  • Mary Beth

    Despite the fact that blue is not my favorite color, I do prefer the blue. I wonder how your client responds to color. If she needs serenity in her work place, she might prefer the blue. On the other hand, if bolder colors wind her up to dig into projects, the orange is very fun. My daughter had an outfit from the GAP when she was a girl that mixed orange and blue and I always thought it was a great combination. Maybe blue with a little orange accenting?

  • sherry

    i actually have blue and orange in my living room based on a fabulous sanderson fabric (calipso). neither are my favorite colours but together they are very fresh and modern. I love it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/44350960@N02/5681267957/

  • Cheryl

    I love the orange! So fresh!

  • Giovanna

    Orange! I have loved the combination of blue and orange since the second 101 Dalmatians Disney movie (!).

  • Valerie

    Just wondering why you are having her face the wall? If there are so many windows, I love being able to see outside and work.

  • Lauren

    Need lots of space for printers and computer accessories, files–the wall perpendicular to the bay window allows for the largest desk space and storage!