With summer finally here, we can’t help but crave the laid back decorating style of vacation homes. Yesterday we featured some of our favorite aspirational bunk rooms, and today we are talking about another decorative element that reminds us of the season, beadboard. You’ve probably seen this decorating staple before in vacation homes and for a very practical reason. Beadboard is often used in houses close to the water because it is long-lasting and water resistant.


Its durability also makes it a logical choice for bathrooms, where it is often custom cut to cover part of a wall.


It is also a fun and unexpected choice in kitchens. Below you see it used on an entire wall, but it also works as a backsplash (or even on the ceiling).


Beadboard is easy to paint, making it a perfect candidate for summer sunny hues. However, it takes on a surprisingly sophisticated air when painted black and paired with crisp white accents, like in the photo below.


Live in an old house with less than perfect walls? Breadboard is an affordable way to cover imperfect walls in an older home.


Do you have beadboard anywhere in your house?

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  • Emily

    all over our house – but only on the ceilings 🙂

  • Dori Troutman

    I have beadboard in my living room and my kitchen. I LOVE IT. It is everything you said: durable, easy to paint, easy to clean, etc… And it just looks so classic! – Dori –

  • goodbone

    We love seeing it in unexpected places like the kitchen and living room! Such a practical choice.

  • goodbone

    So fun! Have you painted it?

  • Emily C.

    Question, I just moved into a 1920’s vintage walk-up in Chicago that has original creamy-white crackled subway tile half-way up all of the walls. But the top half of the walls is plaster in very bad shape. And in the shower portion someone added bad 2×2 square ceramic tiles just to protect the walls.

    This post gave me that idea that perhaps I could beadboard on the walls above the tile. It’s a small bathroom and I’ve been toying with painting the top half of the walls black, and I’m in love with those black beadboard photos. Do you think beadboard above tile would/could work?

  • Emily C.

    Just read that first part, the subway tile is just in the bathroom…just to clarify 🙂