Happy Monday everyone! While we always love a great Persian rug, sometimes an interior calls for something a little more whimsical. If that’s the case, a boucherouite rug may be the answer. Originating from Morrocco, boucherouite rugs were often constructed weaving scraps of fabric in graphic patterns. Ironic since they have become synonymous these days with luxury.

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The most iconic example of a boucherouite rug would have to be a Beni Ourain, pictured above. Now widely considered a timeless classic, his designs blend with an array of interior styles and always looks so rich. In the examples below, let’s explore its more colorful cousin.44a5f41efd96997bfbdf866a6c492ef5Above, an eclectic modern interior layers multiple boucherouite rugs in a variety of patterns and colors. While each rug is distinctly unique, they all work together in the same way that a single more traditional carpet would.

bb-blog-pic-3Another great example, above, of layering boucherouite rugs in this open concept living room. I find that the use of multiple rugs lends to the airiness of the space and also exposes those amazing white-washed wide plank floors.

25607b4ff3b8293822419b3573ba7bb2Boucherouite rugs are also perfect for children’s rooms. Their vibrant colors and often loud patterns add a touch of fun and whimsy. They are also machine washable, a major plus!

ac4918c2c246e3eed2360c0f9698ca0cYou often see boucherouite rugs being used in monochromatic interiors like in this example, above. Their geometric patterns often translate towards a more modern, often minimalistic, aesthetic and provide a much needed pop of color without overwhelming the space.

4374315d12906aff0d775aaa8abd4e1d d01506cf7b339c844fbed41e4510a7ecBoucherouite rugs come in an extremely wide variety of patterns and colors. However, designs tend to lean either towards being more linear, like the rug on the left, or more geometric, often using the diamond shape, like the rug on the right. Do you have a boucherouite rug in your home? If so, we’d love to hear how you’ve incorporated them in to your interiors!

  • Maria

    I made the mistake of purchasing two other rugs in Morroco, instead of what I really coveted, a Beni Ourain. I love the texture and the ethnic look that will go so well with my global look. Would love one of the colorful ones for the powder room for fun.