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ad1This month’s Architectural Digest features a stunning lake house designed by Thom Filicia. Incorporating all kinds of wood and tree motifs throughout the home, Filicia toes the line between kitchsy and charming with aplomb. While a lake house like this might in someone else’s hands start to look a bit staged, Filicia knows just when to hold back and when to go full force ahead. Below, eclectic birch wrapped chandeliers bring a little rustic charm into this family kitchen. birch wood chandeliersIn the sunroom, a polished wood slab coffee table pairs beautifully with textured side tables. How fun are the these “swing” sofas? birch side tableA chandelier constructed of twigs is more sculpture than light fixture in the bedroom.twig chandelierIn the daughter’s room, forest inspired wallpaper stays fresh combined with neon painted beds. twig wallpaperThe dark painted ceilings and window and door casings is a nice contrast to the warm wood walls. wood chairOn the deck, the decor continues to nod to the beauty of the surroundings. The tree stump end tables work together to form a coffee table, but can also easily be moved around during family gatherings.wood stools outdoorsHere are a few of our favorite tree motif pieces–not just for country or lake houses, one of these pieces sprinkled into the mix work well no matter where you live.


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How do you incorporate natural elements into your home?

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    Thanks for showcasing this home. Somehow it slipped past us. And it is a real beauty. The lanterns that you showcased looks like someone needs to tackle them as a DIY project. The kitchen and daughter’s rooms are real works of art.