5 fun ways to upgrade a bookcase

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or an apartment dweller, a bookworm or a magazine junkie, there’s one thing that unites us all, and that is an appreciation for a well styled bookcase. Whether it be displaying your favorite novels, family photos, or a collection of objects, there are always new and creative ways to do so. Today we’re exploring 5 easy ways to give a serious upgrade to your bookcases.067e460c81b42eb584ab14ad37f1f8051. Paint shelves an eye popping color: Even the most ordinary of books and objects  can seem like a curated collection when displayed on a brightly painted bookcase. One look that works particularly well with bookcases is lacquer–especially in a rich color. Prussian blue lacquered shelves in this interior by Steven Gambrel, above, take center stage.

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2. Add in sculpture, art, picture frames, and objets de art: Yes bookcases are for books…but who says you can’t turn them in to your own mini gallery? Mixing in artful objects like pottery and sculpture, family momentos, as well as souvenirs from trips abroad is a fun way to personalize your space. We also love the addition of small framed pictures and art–they look great hung on the actual bookcase (above, right).


3. Stacking your books as sculpture: For our 2nd point we talked about incorporating sculpture and artful objects when styling shelves, but there’s also the possibility of using your books as the actual sculpture. In the example to the left, books are stacked horizontally in a very minimalistic style. In the example on the right, books are stacked vertically to the brim going for a “more is more” approach; stepping back it’s almost like a graphic piece of modern art.5642f457814b3f95737618115a3ede074. Wallpaper the back of your bookcase: It’s one thing to think about what you’re putting in your bookshelves, but don’t underestimate what’s going behind them. A fun way to bring in pattern or a pop of color is to paint/paper the backs of your bookcases. A hand painted chevron pattern in the bookcases, above, adds just the right amount of glam. We’re sharing a recent bookcase we had silver leafed at the end of this post. ffe333910f792042d96fa26483e310d85. Color block your books: Taking a hint from the fashion world, color blocking is a colorful alternative to the more standard grouping, often gradating in color. The term, color blocking, usually refers to contrasting blocks of color. Constrained doses of color groupings, like in the bookcases above, lends itself to a look that is more organic and modern and less rainbow.



We recently accessorized a pair of built-in bookshelves in a client’s informal dining room (above). To add interest to her shelves, we had the backs of the bookshelves silver leafed (tip #4!) by our decorative painter. The goal for accessorizing these shelves was to keep the look very minimal and stark so that the silver leaf really came through. A collection of white ceramic pottery in different shapes and sizes and a few other choice objects were all these shelves needed.

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