Club Chairs

clubchairsA great pair of club chairs is one of the foundations of any well appointed living room. If you’re in the market for a pair of club chairs for your living room, you want to make sure you measure the seat height of your sofa before shopping for chairs. Ideally, you want the seat height of your club chairs and your sofa to be about the same height, give or take 1 or 2 inches. Not only are drastically different seat heights a nuisance for social gatherings and get togethers, they’re simply not pleasing to the eye. While a room where all of the furniture is at one height is certainly not the goal–in fact, the more variation in heights of pieces the better–the seat heights of the major upholstered pieces need to be close to each other. Create variation in height using mini cocktail tables, standing lamps, and occasional chairs. Our other pet-peeve regarding club chairs is that they be comfortable. If you only have space for one sofa and two club chairs, you’ve got to maximize the comfortability factor. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our top 8 club chairs that meet our standards for both style and comfort, and they’re all available online.thebestclubchairs11– We love this modern take on a traditional barrel back chair (the print is great too!)/2-We recently purchased this chair for a client’s home office. It’s got clean, modern lines but is comfortable enough to cuddle up and read a book in/3-This chair’s lovely sloped arms, curved back and elegant waterfall skirt make it the perfect foil for a more structured sofa. It’s also a great choice for a bedroom/4-If you’re looking for a chair that will jive with almost any sofa style, look no further than this tailored English armchair. Forever chic and undeniable comfy.thebestclubchairs25– We love both the shape of this chair and the fabric it is upholstered in (and it’s currently on sale!)/6– This cowhide chair is a great compromise for those of you with husbands who long for a leather chair/7-A fool-proof style at a great price point/8-Barrel back chairs like this always look chic and pulled together (this one is also available in white). Check out these posts on the perfect pairing of club chair and sofa, here and here. And for more of our favorite pieces–from headboards to swing arm lamps, click here. Happy shopping!

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