L.L. Bean tote bag GIVEAWAY

Going to school in Maine, I was no stranger to extreme weather conditions. I used to make multiple trips in the winter to the LL Bean outlet in Freeport to stock up on hats and gloves and cozy fleece sweaters. Since leaving Maine, I’ve found another LL Bean product I can’t live without: the LL bean tote bag.  It’s no secret that this tote bag is in just about every interior designer’s “tool box.” Whether I’m schlepping around fabric samples, accessories for an install, or headed to the beach for the weekend, this bag is my go to carry-all. In celebration of the launch of McGrath II, LL Bean is giving one lucky reader a tote of their own!Tote Image This weekend, we’re packing our tote to the brim with all of our favorite beach essentials.Beach Essentials 2 turkish towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, book, cover uphat

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  • Emily

    great for a beach vacay!

  • LindsB

    I love these bags, I cant live without them!

  • grace

    Absolutely the best!

  • http://zebracrossingblog.tumblr.com/ Christine Cranford


  • Emily Crowe

    Just what I need; love the color too!

  • Jackie Emm

    LL Bean totes are always a good idea!

  • Carolyn

    love LLBean!

  • Anne

    Love this!!

  • http://www.bluefeathermedia.com Sarah Bradley

    I’ve always wanted one of these totes… this one is perfect! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Melissa

    What fun! Now I’ll think about the hundreds of ways I can use the tote! Also, I love your blog and am curious about why you made the shift in name – somehow I missed the explanation.

  • Melissa

    What fun! Now I’ll think about the hundreds of ways I can use the tote! Also, I love your blog and am curious about why you made the shift in name – somehow I missed the explanation.

  • Blake Banks

    All of these things are so adorable!! Perfect summer giveaway!

  • Lauren

    Hi Melissa,

    See here: http://blog.mcgrath2.com/2014/07/two-mcgraths-one-new-name/

    Thanks for reading!

  • Emily

    I love LLBean totes – taking mine to the cape this weekend!

  • Erin

    Loving the new brand/name! And L.L. Bean totes are the best grocery bags on the planet!

  • L Grady

    Mine is so worn out I’d love a new replacement. Can’t beat LL Bean!

  • Meghan

    Absolutely love this classic tote! My go-to carry on / beach bag is so faded by the sun it is shades of white/offwhite/yellow. Definitely time for a new one!

  • Alice

    This tote would be perfect for last minute summer getaways!

  • Shana

    I love these totes!
    PS Can you share the source for the butterfly print?

  • Audrey

    I love using these totes to organize my life!

  • Christina Wikman

    Love the tote. I could really use one too and the color is perfect!

  • Rust

    Very nice tote, Thanks!

  • Lindsay Toews

    love these totes! I have always wanted one! 🙂

  • NatalyaR

    I’m heading to Maine in September for the first time! LL Bean here I come : )

  • Hannah

    I am from Freeport and love all things LL Bean. I use their totes for everything! Can’t have enough!

  • Beverly

    The best tote! Wish they would bring back the madras…..

  • http://www.yorkavenublog.com/ Jackie-York Avenue

    Obsessed with these totes! I use them for grocery shopping in NYC. They’re the only bag that’s sturdy enough to hold up to all that weight.

  • Lisa

    What a great giveaway!

  • Anne {Almost Home}

    Fingers crossed!! LLBean totes are a classic!

  • Hollie Baker

    Cute colors!

  • http://www.KimberlyLewisHome.com/ Kimberly Lewis

    They really are the best, great color!

  • Alison

    Love your blog, book and bag!

  • dorothy

    i also love your blog book and bag! thank for the giveaway!!!

  • Rachel

    I’ve been using LL Bean tote bags since my sailing camp days and love them – they’re like Mary Poppins’ bag because you can stuff so much in them! 🙂 I really like how they’ve come out with more colors, zip tops, etc. over the years too. Here’s hoping!…

  • FCGva

    love the bag!

  • Leslie

    This bag is the best! Have several but they all have my kids’ names on them– momma needs her own! Thx!