Blush Pink

When it comes to shelter magazines, some might say I have an addiction. I religiously read about 10 titles, both domestic and international, and am constantly inspired and amazed by the talent that graces their pages. After a while it’s only natural you start to notice similarities and develop an eye for what’s coming next. In these last couple of issues there has been one color that has been featured time and time again: blush pink.

c3c50d1da5b1c09f8fc9e222789a918aBlush Pink, sometimes referred to as shell pink, is a soft neutral pink. Its warm undertones ensures it’s not overly feminine and is a nice alternative to beige which can often times read boring…


The blush pink walls in this living room, above, are the perfect backdrop for a colorful gallery wall and eclectic mix of furniture. We love how the  “pink” almost fades into the background, leaving the walls with just a warm glow.

In this kitchen designed by Kemble Interiors a blush pink ceiling helps an all white kitchen from appearing to stark. And how about those amazing copper and glass pendants?

This sofa, above, designed by Madeline Stuart incorporates the blush pink trend and is a nice alternative to what would typically be a neutral colored upholstery piece. Think of all the amazing pillow possibilities!

Who ever said pink carpet couldn’t be sophisticated must’ve not seen this bedroom designed by Barcelona firm Studio Pink (fitting right?). A more “safe” route could have been going with either a white or natural carpeting but the blush pink adds just the right amount of color and contrasts beautifully with the white lacquer and brass elements.

ea3921641be9837c8aba5664d86044a8If you feel a little apprehensive about incorporating blush pink try it out in minimal doses like with these painted Windsor Chairs. This could even be a great flea market find turned DIY project.

shell-pink-SMfull1If you caught our post yesterday you read about our new obsession with wallpaper company, Flat Vernacular. Check out their version of shell pink above in their Feldspar Pattern –gorgeous!

What do you think about the blush pink trend?

  • Mary

    I have my mother’s vintage lamp topped with a blush pink lampshade. It’s my unexpected moment in my bedroom.

  • Sarah

    Do you have any recommendations for the perfect blush wall paint color?

  • Sophia Pinella

    sunwashed brick by Behr