Woven pendant lights

In some circles of the interior design industry, the word “trendy” is a dirty word. In fact, we’re finding more and more that our clients are specifically requesting that their homes NOT be trendy. Many come to us with long lists of items they’ve seen in too many magazines and Pinterest boards that they emphatically DONT want to be a part of their homes. Our design ethos has always been to create rooms that will stand the test of time and feel current and fresh ten and fifteen years from now, so this reaction is great news to us. What we have learned about trendiness though is that rooms that last are not rooms that ignore what’s new to the market or what is “trending;” in fact, many of them incorporate these elements. It’s how they are incorporated though that makes the difference between a room that feels “of the moment” and a room that feels everlasting. For us, the trends that we gravitate towards the most are the ones that incorporate some element of the past. Right now, we are loving the look of woven pendant lights. Made of rattan, rope, hemp, they are a great way to add a natural, organic component to a room. We especially like using them in kitchens where they can really help soften all of the hard materials. This eating area in designer Alessandra Branca’s Harbour Island house, below, is a lovely example of how modern and chic these woven pendants can look. alessandra-branca-bahamas-dining-room-21Below, woven pendant lights help bring texture and warmth to two otherwise sterile spaces.naturalwovenpendantsThe rattan or basket weave shades are easy to paint if you’re looking to incorporate a pop of color. coloredrattanpendantAt right, the pendants are light and airy enough to be grouped together over a dining room table.

pendants1Another reason to love these pendants: they look equally at home in a modern space as they do in a more traditional one. rattanpendants45 of our go-to woven pendant lights.

wovenpendants 1. Serena & Lily/2. Vittorio Bonacina /3. West Elm/4. Ikea/5. Palacek

  • Christene

    Amazing options here…I LOVE THEM!! Especially the orange painted IKEA one, too!

  • Marsha Schultz

    do you know where to find the pair of open weave lights pictured in the kitchen with the mint green stools? thanks…

  • Cassandra

    Love the mint green stools, is there a source for them?