Some people are summer clothes people and others are fall clothes people. We definitely fall into the latter category. We LOVE fall clothes!! What is more chic than a pair of cropped jeans, cozy cashmere sweater and a swingy toggle coat? Nothing, that’s what. And no one is doing this look better (and at an amazing price point, to boot) than the ladies of Trademark. Founded by Pookie and Louisa Burch (an impeccable fashion sense runs in the family), Trademark recently opened up their first brick and mortar store in Soho. I love the classic, all-American-with-a-twist look that these girls are creating. Below, a few of my favorite pieces for fall (the red suede bag is SO good!). coat

Waterhouse Jacket hb112_large-andre_rosso_f14_2_1

Large Andre wtsw0110_sander-sweater_heather-grey_f14_01_1_19_1 Sander Sweater dress Echno Ruffle Dress TM_SP14_FEB_NECKLACE_TMJ43_V2_GOLD_WISHBONE_MAIN_298_SQR_1 Wishbone Necklace

I happen to be wearing this necklace in the silver today: