Arne Jacobsen

Not too many children request that their patterned walls be painted over in stark white; then again, not too many children grow up to become Arne Jacobsen, the perfectionist Modernist architect and designer. Initially wanting to be a painter, Jacobsen decided to attend the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts College of Architecture in Copenhagen under the pretense of it being a more “sensible” choice.  An advocate of total design in architecture, everything from the building to the furniture to the cutlery on the table was designed in accordance with one another. Jacobsen was surprisingly non-technical in his creative process and instead relied heavily on intuition and feeling. He was tireless in his pursuit of achieving perfection in proportion and form. While his buildings are architectural icons, his furniture pieces have become timeless classics as well. Today we’re exploring some of his most well known works, The Swan Chair, The Swan Sofa, The Egg Chair, The Ant Chair, and the AJ Floor Lamp. portrait-full

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The Swan Sofa448a4ad3c2cc4728b6ade480bd02be68

The Egg Chair165a3df6ba55403c5f7756727532c5e1d3c6bcbd7cf99075fa31b8cdf43a1efd


The Ant Chair57210484aa102f53152393340f8942d8

The AJ Lamp via Louis Poulsen3dbf2e82dbe84453567b72b576735a89

cd916d40f17106c4725c4278f437965bIt’s pretty remarkable how a piece of furniture designed in 1958 still feels so relevant today and how his pieces have the ability to feel at home just as well in a modern space as they do in a more traditional one.