Bennison Fabric

We have so many favorite textile companies, but one of our top ten has to be Bennison.  Launched in 1985, Bennison is an English company that specializes in hand-printed fabrics based on the designs of the original 18th and 19th Century English and French textiles discovered by the late, renowned antique dealer and decorator, Geoffrey Bennison (if you’re interested, check out this new book on the work of this incredible designer!). Over the past 20 years, the collection has continued to grow as worthy designs are found and added to the range. Bennison does a wonderful job of recoloring and adjusting old textiles to make them feel fresh and new, but still steeped in tradition. For us, that’s exactly what we want in a textile! Below, UK-based interior designerKit Kemp used a Bennison textile on a wall in her foyer for a jolt of color and pattern.
kitkemp2Robert Couturier uses Phoenix on the walls and window treatment in this powder room.
phoenix Bennison damask on the walls of  a library.
Aztec on a seat cushion in an outdoor area.
aztecIn a bedroom designed by Ashley Whittaker
BennisonAshleyWhittakerIn one of Aerin Lauder’s bedrooms, used both on the walls and as the window panels.
d76597fc2fbd004dcdb39c70d011d0e1Miles Redd uses one of Bennison’s stripes to tent a dining room
Miles Redd (Danielle Rollins home), March 2012
Redd uses Bennison again on the seat cushion in a breakfast area. Love that paint color not the walls!
A traditional botanical print gets modernized by Kit Kemp with dark painted walls and a more contemporary headboard.
KitKempAs you can see, Bennison is a real designer favorite. Not only are timeless, but the coloration of each textile is spot-on–something that becomes incredibly important when you are designing a room around one stand-out fabric. Are you as taken with Bennison’s breathtaking hand-printed textiles as we are? Happy Friday!