Daniel Barney Lamps

As designers, we are out and about shopping and sourcing 24/7. We’re always looking for elements to make the rooms we design look and feel unique and different. While it’s easy to get bogged down using the same vendors again and again, it’s important to find those special pieces that have the ability to inspire an entire room. A great example of this are the handmade ceramic lamps sold at antiques dealer Daniel Barney’s New York City shop. These incredible green and blue patterned ceramic lamps, below, take any room to the next level, whether you design a space around them or add them later.
db1All of the colors are wonderfully saturated and glazed to perfection. Is this not heaven?!
db2Barney’s lamps have both great texture and pattern.
db6This one with the multi-color circles is one of our favorites. Have you ever seen lamps like this before?
db3Many of the lamps use traditional Chinese patterns and motifs but are recolored in a way that feels very modern and fresh. We love the color combination of this lamp, below.
db4We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into one of our favorite NYC resources!

  • Emily R

    I love these, but you need to change your text to Daniel Barney’s and not Davids Barney’s!

  • Melissa

    These are absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing.