Fireplace Decor

With December officially here and the holidays around the corner, it seems like we’re all hoping to huddle around an open fire. Fireplaces are a beautiful architectural detail in any home and it’s important to accessorize them for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Today we’re exploring our favorite andirons and fireplace screens that will be sure to keep your fireplace looking beautiful in both form and function all winter long.

Andirons are an easy (and functional) way to personalize your fireplace. Above, antique andirons play off the ornate iron work inlay. Selecting andirons that are in keeping with the period of your mantelpiece is always a good look in our book.


However, we don’t mind a bit of personality either! These fun owl andirons, above, are a great conversation piece. It also helps the massive mantelpiece feel a little more inviting.


Another way to make a statement with andirons is going with something extremely architectural. These massive neo-classical andirons, above, help ground the room and take on a sculptural element as well. Below, we’ve gathered up 8 unique andirons that make a super chic statement in any home. Happy winter!



Fireplace screens can either be used in conjunction with andirons or stand alone. When pairing a screen with a set of andirons it’s always good idea to pick one element to be the statement piece; for example a more streamlined fire screen would better complement an ornate set of andirons and so forth. Let’s look at some examples below:


Trifold screens are a great way to add dimension to the fireplace and allow furniture pieces (especially upholstered ones) to sit closely and safely to the hearth. Notice the worn-in leather wingback chair above–another fireplace essential!

Flat fireplace screens are often able to incorporate patterns and motifs like this one, above, which introduces a nice graphic element. They can range from simple and streamlined to artful and ornate. Below, 6 of our favorites:
Fireplace Screens2


While andirons and fireplace screens serve their most utilitarian purpose during the winter months, they truly are a great way to keep your fireplace beautiful all year round.