They say all tartans are plaids but not all plaids are tartans; we say, we love them regardless. Dating back to 4th Century Scotland, this classic pattern of interlocking stripes has over 7,000 different designs on record. With such a variety in style and color, there truly is a tartan for everyone. When it comes to interiors, a little plaid can go a long way. However, it’s also a pattern that works extremely well in high impact applications: think tartan upholstered walls and floor coverings. With a tartan-inspired library in the works and Christmas around the corner, today we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to incorporate plaid into your home.
item1.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.plaid-rooms-02-kenneth-battelle572dfd28948f6e3688cb420dabd5228dBijou-Bohemeb59eadf37f412c8ee1dcd58bf52c44bbWe love to incorporate a little Scottish charm around the holidays. These are some of our favorite tartan or tartan-inspired accessories to add to the mix!

1 (charger)/2 (carpet)/3 (blanket)/4 (napkins)/5 (pillow)/6 (tumblers)