Indoor Lanterns

Choosing the right light fixture is one of the most impactful decisions you can make when decorating. We’ve noticed a trend towards using lantern-like forms in interior spaces, harkening back to early carriage houses and street lighting on cobblestone streets from days gone by. You have to admit, there is something kind of romantic about the look of a lantern in rooms of all styles from traditional to eclectic, and even modern. Perhaps it’s the clean lines of the forms that make them so approachable in so many situations. Below, a beautiful lantern hanging from the ceiling of a Steven Gambrell-designed living room. 

Steven GambrelThis Charles Edwards lantern, below, looks right at home in this very traditional, old house. image177_thumbimage168_thumbA more modern lantern makes an architectural statement in this clean lined living room by Culligan Abraham, below. Culligan AbrahamDesigner Christopher Maya uses an oversized lantern in this Hamptons living space. Lanterns are a great lighting option for spaces with very high ceilings, like this one.  ChristopherMayaWe love the look of a pair of lanterns, too!

6479ed660438a4fb0baa362c6f0f1796Again, another room with a very high ceiling where a lantern is the perfect lighting solution. 98a7a57b464029c36335d8847cb76763Lanterns feel just as home in a very elegant, sophisticated room like this one below by Suzanne Rheinstein, as they do in a more casual, family room setting. Suzanne RheinsteinDesigner Tobi Fairley uses a whimsical red pagoda-style lantern in this cheerful family home, below.  tobi_fairley-black-stripe-blue-greek-key-custom-rugWe specify lanterns in pretty much every interior room you can think of so we have a running list of some of our favorites on hand at all times. Here are our top 6 favorite lanterns to use inside your home: Lantern Roundup{Urban Electric: 1, Vaughn Lighting: 2, E.F. Chapmen for Circa Lighting: 3, Curry &    Company: 4, Charles Edwards: 5, Jamb Lighting: 6}

The Urban Electric lantern (#1 above) is one of our favorite lanterns. Here it is below, above a round table at one of Elle Decor’s show houses.

elledecorshowhouseThe same lantern from Urban Electric, but customized with a pop of bright red. So fun!hamilton_5

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    I, too, love the look of lanterns inside but would suggest “glass-less” lanterns for ones hung in high stairwells or from cathedral ceilings. Keeping the glass clean can be a challenge.