McGrath II does E-design

The interior design world is changing. Gone are the days where your local newspaper or network of friends was the place to find a designer. Like every other service or product we desire today, people are heading first to the web to look for a designer whose work they admire. As our web presence has developed, we’ve been surprised by how many clients find us through our blog or website, and not through the traditional referral route. If there’s one thing we’ve learned as developing entrepreneurs, it’s the importance of building a multi-dimensional, multi-platform business. Since starting our business over 5 years ago, we have received many emails from readers asking if we do e-design. Up until this year, we’ve always had to say, regrettably, no. Running a full service interior design business is, as many of you know, a ton of work! But over the past year we’ve built a wonderfully skilled creative team to help us increase the number of projects we’re able to take on. With an expanded team in place, we’re ready to take on more, and to open up our services to more interior design enthusiasts who need guidance when choosing the pieces for their homes. We’re looking forward to creating your McGrath II-designed home (or room) no matter where you live or what your budget!

e-designHow does it work? We’ll use dimensioned room drawings provided by you to create a furniture plan in CAD that ensures every piece we select works in your space. We’ll create a furniture plan that is tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle using furnishings and accessories that you can purchase on your own online.

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Your customized Shopping List includes selections for furniture, lighting, carpeting/flooring, paint, accessories, pillows and art based on the information you provide in your Style Questionnaire as well as our expert knowledge of what works. We’ll recommend pieces from vendors we trust to always give you the best quality for your budget.

Shopping List-1We’re really excited about this new extension of McGrath II and hope you check out the e-design page and consider working with us to make your home as beautiful as you dream it can be!

  • The Office Stylist

    This is very cool! Using e-design will definitely help with envisioning a space. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Kristen D

    This is a great way to make your services more accessible. I am buying a new home and am excited to reach out to you about one or more rooms!

  • Lauren

    Looking forward to hearing from you!