Stark’s Antelope Carpet

Choosing the right carpeting for a room is always a top priority for decorating enthusiasts, and there are many in our business who think it’s the first decision to be made. We usually advise our clients to choose something both neutral and forgiving (the red wine spill discussion always comes up). Sometimes a passion for something, and in this case anything resembling an animal skin, can drive one to go all out and cover the floors with something that immediately sets the tone for the space. We love when this happens, and look for any opportunity to use animal print carpets. One of our favorites is the classic Antelope by Stark Carpet. You’d be amazed at how something that can seem exotic when looked at on it’s own in a carpet showroom, can look rather subdued in the right environment.
b873f475ee661f7a5309c14d3b34f283It looks awfully chic in this very neutral pre-war apartment as a large area rug.
e61b9023eea8c48b0a843816f3f5c503We most prefer animal print carpeting in more intimate rooms, like in this library, below. It really amps up the cozy factor!
8ea91dd8dc4034d045052ece15bbdf7fIn this room, the lacquered walls and the animal print carpeting are a perfect pairing. This took some courage!

48413764715566977_HZkkMeqz_cIt’s perfectly okay to pair animal print with a printed wallpaper. In this room below the carpet works as a neutral. 
5ec61f165fdceb108795d02e0f8ed26eIn this setting, where the artwork alone is where color is infused, the carpeting gives the room a healthy dose of style. 
apt-nicole-hanley-mellon-03_164429679755Here is the same room from a different direction. Chic, no?
apt-nicole-hanley-mellon-01_164428835838Animal print in a hallway? Why not!
195273333812674391_F8LSJBVo_cIn a little boy’s room…
6061a0f1343a40c3adc4ccaeb5223860As this carpeting disguises stains so well, it can be used in a breakfast nook like this one:
683daad88214f27b11fcbf11b191727fLots of folks opt to use this durable carpet on stairs. A definite statement. 
211a40b2b435776b329b02805447680dOn a spiral staircase…
22b7459b5d0051631d372e3a449235b0If you’re considering an animal print carpet for your home, we hope we’ve convinced you to move ahead! And if you’ve already taken the leap, please share your photos. We love seeing what you’re up to!


  • The Office Stylist

    Very cool! I love how well this carpet works in different rooms with completely different styles. Adding the carpet brings the finishing touches to any space.