Best Light Blue Paint Colors

A few months ago we posted a round up of our favorite whites that we consistently specify for both our clients and ourselves and received lots and lots responses looking for advice or commenting on our selections. Today, in honor of Spring, we’re sharing our go-to light blue paint colors with you. Surprisingly, blue can be one of the more difficult colors to get right. When we’re going for a sophisticated silvery blue living room, the last thing we want is a color that feels like it belongs in the nursery. With that said, there are a few blues that we come back to again and again. And so, without further ado…
bestpalebluesDonald Kaufman DKC-44 was the color of Suzanne’s old foyer (below). It is the perfect shade of pale, pale bird’s egg blue. It always looks sophisticated and while the color is saturated, it’s never too strong. It looks great when combined with Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim and Decorator White Ceiling colors.
DKC44We recently painted a clients’ bedroom Benjamin Moore Lily White and absolutely loved the results. It’s the perfect color for a calming bedroom.  Paired with Benjamin Moore White Diamond Trim and Simply White Ceiling colors, it will deliver a winning combination.
lilywhiteimageBenjamin Moore Quiet Moments is a very green blue. It’s also quite a strong color so be sure to use it in a room that receives a lot of natural light. It’s absolutely perfect for a beach house vibe. A crisp white ceiling paint, like Benjamin Moore Simply White, paired with Benjamin Moore White Dove Trim color makes a gorgeous pairing.   
quietmomentsBenjamin Moore Beacon Gray (not pictured) is another blue we love and come back to again and again, particularly if we’re looking for a strong pale blue. The name is quite deceiving as it doesn’t read the least bit gray on the wall. It is more of a silvery blue. We like to pair it  with Benjamin Moore White Diamond Trim and Benjamin Moore Simply White Ceiling colors. Have you used any great pale blue paint colors recently? We’d love to hear!

  • The Office Stylist

    I love these colors that you picked out. I think that these pastels would work well in almost every space since they’re not too overbearing. My favorite is probably the Lily White.

  • 1Ronald

    Yes. Can’t be “overbearing,” can we? It’s people like you that keep Prozac Grey, Dried Blood, and Sh*t Brown active in NO color palettes. Swore I’d never get another sh*t brown car after my first SL Mercedes and did it again in an old car but have come to my senses and it’s gotta go–big time. Those who lack excitement in life crave NO color everything that keeps the senses buried underground where it’s cold, dark, and lonely. Once heard a daddy recount his teenage daughter who was receiving the now ex-family car as her own whereby she exclaimed “I’m not driving a car the color of dried blood!” Daddy was a good ole boy and you can imagined what reply came out of his mouth to his daughter. At least that’s what he said he said to her. Yes, his daughter was smarter beyond her years but stuck in a dog of a color with no where to go but yes. Or walk.