Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day we take pretty seriously in our family. My own mom, Kaye, loved this holiday. Her perfect day was to have all five of her children (and, eventually, their spouses and children) with her. It wasn’t a day when gifts were exchanged necessarily, it was more about making sure that the family shared the day together; that was her gift. She was a dedicated mother of five children and had a way of making all of us feel loved. My own mothering experience began while I was still in my 20’s; both Lauren and my son Matt (2.5 yrs. apart) were born before Lauren’s age today! Then later, in a happier second marriage, my younger son Jack (now 14) joined us. This year I’m not planning much more than a BBQ in my backyard, but everyone understands that I want them to come home! I guess that’s what all Moms want. Our family has expanded to include Lauren’s boyfriend, Chris, and Matt’s girlfriend, Lauren, oh.. and Ryley, the puppy, too! I’m so greatful to be a mom. It makes me want to celebrate! Here’s one of my favorite pictures of all three from several years ago whilst on a family vacation with my extended family in Lake Como.
DSCN0063Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!


  • Two Peas in a Prada

    Love this! Happy Mother’s Day.

    Ashley & Emily

  • Patricia

    My mom-in-law’s birthday was always near Mother’s Day so the whole family would come up and do a day of chores for her inside and out. All the stuff she just couldn’t do herself. We’d bring potluck and have a birthday cake for our girl. She just loved having her family there in her garden together. It helped her stay in her own home a few precious extra years…