Accessorizing with Horn

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of horn accessories out and about in stores and online. We often find horn accessory pieces at antique stores, but you can also find faux horn accessories at a bunch of great online stores. We also love to create painted faux horn finishes on custom furniture pieces too! Below, a now famous room from Miles Redd’s Manhattan townhouse with a pair of horn stands flanking either side of the mantle. Stands like this are very useful when accessorizing a mantle that requires an element of sculpture and height. horn-accessory_rti-book0011-1In this bedroom, below, a table with horn legs is the perfect way to add another luxe material into the mix.
bedroom-horn-sidetableThe top of a coffee table we recently designed (we’ll share more of it soon!) with painted faux horn and tortoiseshell.

11327118_434611390052116_1523954067_nA few of our favorite horn accessories from get-able online sources!HornAccessories1. Oval horn bowl, 2. Aiden horn vases, 3. Mini beveled horn frames
HornAccessories1 4. Pale horn handles, 5. Torted horn finials
HornAccessories2 6. Yak horn on stand. Do you like using horn accessories in your home? It’s definitely a look!

  • Danielle Verderame

    I don’t have any horn accessories at this time but, it’s something I would keep an eye out for. I think you could find some neat things at auctions or yard sales that could be reused for one of the ideas above.