Kitchen Renovation 101: Choosing paint colors

Choosing paint colors usually happens at the beginning of a major renovation, but we always like to tweak things when all of the pieces start to come together, and that’s where we are in our kitchen renovation. This week, the floors have been stained a dark walnut, followed by three additional coats of polyurethane for a matte finish- and up next, the backsplash tile is being installed at the end of this week. As for paint colors, we specified Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace OC-65  for kitchen cabinetry as well. It’s a very clean, chalky white.

Cabinet-Color-ChantillyLace I’m very excited about the paneled ceilings- they’re so much more interesting than what was there previously. I’ve selected Benjamin Moore Snow White OC-66. This will be a nice  contrast to the cabinet color, which is my goal. I want them to say, look at me! Ceiling-Paint-Color-2For the wall color, I’m planning to specify Distant Gray OC-68, a wonderful gray white that we often use in Bathrooms where there are a lot of gray and white elements. It’s pretty fool proof. The trim color will be Simply White OC-117, which is the trim color throughout the in the other rooms of the house.

Wall-Paint-Color-2I’m thinking of painting the inside of the window frames above the kitchen sink a color other than white just to add another decorative detail. Not sure whether this detail is something we’ll tire of, or whether it’ll be a fun pop of color. katieridder-kitchenjpgWe’ve selected Benjamin Moore Patriotic White 2136-70 to correspond the backsplash tile, which is Ann Sacks “Alpine Air”, a blue-ish gray. Lauren and I will be ruminating on this over the next few days. It’s always hardest to make design decisions when it’s your own home!Tile-Color-1By the way, the number one question asked of interior designers like us is what are our go to white paint colors, so while we’re on the subject of paint, I thought I’d share. As I mentioned, Chantilly Lace  OC-65 is one of our favorite paint colors for kitchen and bath cabinetry.  When a warmer white effect is the goal for walls, we love either Acadia White AC-41 if leaning towards a beige white, or Glacier White AC-40, if leaning towards a gray white. White Dove PM-19 is another wonderful gray white. Atrium White PM-13 is a very rich beige white that we have found to be a wonderful complement in rooms where red is one of the colors in the mix.Favorite-White-Paint-Colors-1

  • Lori

    I love the idea of painting the window frame with a color. Thanks for sharing this tip.