Hannah Blount Jewelry

Labor day weekend may have just passed, but we’re definitely not ready to say goodbye to summer. As a continuation of last week’s Nantucket themed post, we wanted to introduce you to another one of our favorite ACK artists, the young jewelry designer Hannah Blount. Blount grew up on Nantucket, the daughter of a fisherman and a seamstress. Many of her pieces are inspired by the types of sea life that you might find in the ocean or washed up on the beach. I was given a pair of her earrings by my aunt for my birthday this year and they’ve been such a fun thing to wear out to dinner or to a party–they are definitely conversation starters! Below, a few images of her fresh water pearl earrings with little gold barnacles:Janine-Sadie51

1437801359485I love how organic and asymmetrical the fresh water pearls are.
1420538316169A gorgeous necklace…RB061+Baroque+Pearls+with+14k+Gold+1Check out Hannah’s website here for more of her beautiful work.