Storage & Styling for Bathroom shelves

Setting up a clutter-free bathroom is as important as organizing your clothes closet. In this bathroom we recently renovated for a fashion editor, storage went from zero to 100. We designed an entire wall of shelving to accommodate a bounty of beauty products plus all of the other practical things one needs to store and put away on a daily basis. Once the shelves were built, installed and painted, we came up with a strategy to organize the contents of the shelves so that they’d be really efficient, but also look clean and uncluttered all of the time. Here’s what we started with (post renovation): IMG_8024Before even stepping into a retail store or shopping online we took measurements of the inside depth and inside height, and width of every shelf.shelf-dimensions-sketchArmed with these dimensions, a sketch and a measuring tape, we started our search, making stops at all of the best organizing stores. We’ll share our resources below.Blog-Bathroom-Storage-GridWe love pairing rattan with stark white bathrooms. It has an immediate softening effect. Plus, it’s durable, and some of the less than pretty things like a blow dryer can be tucked inside, hidden from view. Mixing materials is another way to make a shelf look polished. Wire trays can hold extra rolls of toilet paper, a first aid kit, and miscellaneous toiletries. Hyper organizing your cosmetics on trays is just like laying out your clothes the night before. Clear acrylic trays are perfect for organizing makeup, lotions, shampoo, and perfumes by category. You can display lipstick, blush and eye shadows separately so you don’t have to root around for what your’e looking for, especially when you’re in a rush. And, a tiered tray is ideal for nail polish. Bath towels are neat and accessible when stacked one on top of one another on the open shelves. Glass glass containers, perfect for cotton balls, and Q-tips, and soaps. Small cactus plants and other hardy houseplants add freshness and color to the room. You can organize lipsick, blush and eye shadows separately so you don’t have to root around for what your’e looking for. It’s the same concept as laying your clothes out the night before! And while you’re organizing your make-up, be sure to throw away anything that is expired or smells!Blog-Bathroom-Storage-1

Happy organizing!

  • Tiffany Leigh

    Love this, and the little rendering is fantastic! I would love if you would post an after pic with the shelves all styled up.

  • Caitlin

    I agree with Tiffany, LOVE the rendering and would love to see what it looks like completed!