Art for a long hallway

One of our favorite roles in the decorative process is helping our clients find original artwork. There is nothing that brings a home to life more than art! Creating a space (especially a newly decorated one) that has a collected feeling of having been there all along is not easy, but finding art that speaks to you, and even says something about your passions and interests, is one of the greatest ways to further imbue a space with personality. Everyone is different and some of our clients like us to help them start a collection during the interior decorating process, while others want to wait and see everything installed before they consider what to put on their walls. Others have already been collecting for a long time and just want help with placement or reframing. We’re preparing to install a Tribeca renovation project in early May which has many great opportunities for artwork. This long hallway, below, has two large empty walls primed and ready for some great pieces! BLOG-MAIER-ESSENSIAL ARTWORK-entry LOCATIONSBLOG-MAIER-ESSENSIAL ARTWORK LOCATIONSWe like to use a series in hallways for two reasons. First, you typically have a wide expanse to cover, and purchasing a large scale piece can get costly. Second, smaller prints like these below can be viewed individually in a narrow space where a really large piece would be difficult to appreciate. We love the impact a series of different prints from one collection can have on a long wall. The currently empty space to the right could handle a larger scale piece as this part of the hallway is open to the kitchen and dining area. BLOG-MAIER-ESSENSIAL ARTWORK LOCATIONS5Framed in a natural wood against pale grey-blue strie walls: /Users/JessicaJarrin/Dropbox/2 CLIENT MASTER FOLDERS/MAIER/DRAWIAnother prime spot in the apartment for a piece of art: above the fireplace in the living room.  BLOG-MAIER-ESSENSIAL ARTWORK LOCATIONS4Above the dining banquette is a custom mirror made from blackened steel that will reflect more light into the room while a small piece of art on the adjacent wall will be a lovely focal point as you walk into the main room.   BLOG-MAIER-ESSENSIAL ARTWORK LOCATIONS3Looking forward to sharing images of this project when its completed!

  • Sarah

    This is a totally under appreciated decorating topic! I’ve seen people mess this up so many times 😡

  • yanyula

    Love this pastel decorations! realy light and not overwhelming!