Katie Ridder Fabrics

We’ve always loved Katie Ridder’s playful handprinted fabrics, and thanks to one of our clients, we’re finally getting the chance to use one of them! For a guest bedroom that will some day become a children’s room, we’ve specified Ridder’s Pagoda in Saffron (below) for the custom roman shades. On the walls will be our favorite broad stripe wallpaper by Farrow & Ball in yellow and cream. fabric-pagoda-1A few of our other favorite patterns from the line…this one is called “Seaweed”:fabric-seaweed“Attendants” is used for the pillow on the right side of the sofa below…charming and playful, no? fabric-attendantsOne of the things we love about Katie’s prints is the fact that they are gender neutral but still spunky and fun!
fabric-beetlecat“Crab”fabric-crab“Peony”fabric-peonyClick here to see more of Katie’s wonderful prints!

  • Jacob Westvid

    All fabrics should be adjusted to whole room design. For example I bought black and white wall murals from this shope http://www.decoshaker.com/wall-murals/black-and-white and I tried to find all fabrics for my furniture also black or white. Because all room should look harmonized. I think I made it 🙂