Decorating with Pillows

Pillows are every decorator’s go-to accessory. They can act as the finishing touch on a well-designed room or truly transform a blank-slate space. There are three tips we try and stick to when it comes to pillows. 1. Asymmetry is the name of the game. Place two pillows on one end of the sofa and one at the other. Using odd numbers of objects is a good general rule for accessorizing. 2. Bigger isn’t always better. Anything larger than twenty-four by twenty-four inches is probably going to overpower a sofa, especially a love seat. 3. Less is more. More than five pillows on a regular size sofa or more than two on a love seat is too much. We tend to design custom pillows for the interiors we design, and we’re going to share some of our recent beauties both in a real finished interior, and some that we’re in the process of having made for an installation coming up next month. As you can tell, we take our pillows very seriously. Below, in our clients’ home office, we added graphic elements to what was otherwise a very serene, blue and off-white interior.custom-pillows-post1In this sun lit conservatory/family room, Lauren designed pillows that added a modern punch to compliment the traditional chintz with corresponding colors and bold geometric patterns.custom-pillows-post2In this rather serious library, we added a vintage pillow and two traditional but dressy pillows with a pop of color on the custom tape to throw things off.custom-pillows-post3This 3-D rendering, below, shows how we map out our pillow plans prior to the installation. We take a very studied approach given that we’ve seen the impact custom pillows can have on the overall look and feel of a finished room.custom-pillows-post4

On the custom banquette, we designed two whimsical pillows decorated with palm branches paired with one soft brown velvet pillow. The colors are all perfectly matched, so it will work beautifully together.

custom-pillows-post5For a luxurious green velvet sofa in the living room, we designed two strong blue silk pillows with a chic stripe pattern by Oscar De La Renta.

custom-pillows-post6For two club chairs decorated with beige tape on the arms and skirt, we created these pillows with a small framed floral pattern.custom-pillows-post7To add an unexpected color into the room, we designed two rectangular pillows out of a gorgeous dark violet, and added a tape with brown and blue accents to speak to all of the elements in the room. We upholstered the bolsters in an elegant chocolate brown suede.

custom-pillows-post8The fabric on this tub chair was the starting point for the fabric scheme of this room, so we made the pillow out of the same fabric. We love how our upholsterer, Luther Quintana, matched the pattern so artfully.

custom-pillows-post9Stay tuned as we continue to share what we’re up to. It’s going to be a busy spring!

  • Mary Beth~FurnishMyWay

    How cute! I admire how you customize pillows to fit the look and feel of a room. I also had not considered the general rules for how pillows should be incorporated into a space (number of pillows per type of furniture etc.) Thank you for the helpful tips!

  • John Adams

    Hi Suzanne, I had to re-read the blog post after first glance, its very informative the way you wrote it ! The color combination and patterns and the choice of fabric.. such a wonderful combination. I liked 3 and 5 most !! 🙂

  • House Seek

    Great article. Just wondering how many pillows is too many?

  • Zoe Persina

    can you tell me the name of the floral chintz fabric on the two large armchair above– it is perfect. thank you!