Washington Square Park Apartment Renovation

We love starting from scratch with our projects, and fortunately we have the opportunity to do so in a charming pre-war apartment overlooking Washington Square Park for a fearless young couple. The apartment was quite unchanged in terms of its layout when the couple first purchased it, and they had big dreams about how to update it in a way that kept its integrity, but modernized it too. The drawings below show the process of how we approached changing the flow of the rooms, including opening up the kitchen to the living room, and changing how the living room and dining room open into each other. The apartment has multiple exposures, many of them overlooking Washington Square Park and the NYU buildings below.BRODIE-BLOG CONSTRUCTION FLOOR PLAN
One of the most significant modifications we proposed was to open up the two main rooms to  one another, but anchor the new opening with functional bookcases. And in the Dining Room, which is a rather large room, we added more shelving, and charming window seats to perch on. The couple love to entertain, so this room had to feel very special. Below, a 3D rendering of our design concepts brought to life.
BLOG BRODIE RENOVATION5We’re so excited about how these rooms now open up to each other. It feels very modern, but still respectful of the period of the building. The furniture we’re designing is a mix of traditional forms with a more modern edification. All of the upholstered pieces are being custom made for comfortablilty and so that they suit the new space, and the needs of a family. This couple loves color, so we’re having a blast helping them to choose textiles that are impactful.
BLOG BRODIE RENOVATION4In terms of lighting, we proposed a hand cast plaster chandelier designed by Stephen Antonson. We knew this would be a focal point for both rooms, so this investment was key. In many pre-war apartments, there are no light fixtures imbedded in the ceilings, so we took great care to include plenty of ambient light. You’ll notice the light fixtures attached to the front of the bookcases, as well as innocuous floor lamps in the living room. A pair of clear glass lamps will also be strategically placed on the console table behind the sofa.
BLOG BRODIE RENOVATION3The original floors in the apartment were in very bad condition, so the couple chose to replace them throughout. We helped them to select a gorgeous herringbone pattern European white oak floor. It has not been installed yet, but we cannot wait to see it in place. It’s going to be a game changer! Below, see how we take every surface and material into consideration with the goal of creating rooms that feel cohesive, but also layered. The construction is underway as we speak, but please follow along as the project progresses. It’s going to be a really fun transformation.BLOG BRODIE RENOVATION2Check out the design we created for the office in this same apartment here. Next week we’ll share our kitchen design for this apartment. Don’t forget to share your comments and let us know what you’re up to. We love to hear from you!

  • Portia

    Really lovely 3D renderings! Would you mind sharing what programs you typically use? Thank you!