Designing a glamorous bedroom

When designing homes for our clients, we take particular care in decorating bedrooms that are soothing, calm and luxurious. There are so many resources for beautiful bedding and sheets (key to any cozy bedroom), but with a custom bed frame and headboard, a bedroom can take on a whole other level of sophistication. Decorative history tells us that bed chambers were rooms with many purposes, including eating and entertaining. Fast forward to today, busy millennials tell us they spend the better part of their evenings at home in their bedrooms, so why not make them extraordinary?! For a client with a very busy career and young children, we were asked to design a bedroom with a traditional sensibility, using beautiful materials that will stand the test of time. Her one request? A canopy bed! This image, below, was one that our client had earmarked years ago and always admired. It inspired the draping of our canopy panels as well as a curvaceous headboard design.She had also loved this canopy bed in a room designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber. This image shows well how lovely it  is to use a contrasting fabric on the inside of a canopy (especially when a print is being used) something we employed as well in our design. Before settling on a box pleat style canopy for our bedroom, we considered a half crown like the one Sister Parish designed for  Jacqueline Kennedy’s bedroom in the White House.

KN-C21506 09 May 1962
First Lady’s Bedroom, White House.

No doubt an inspiration for the bedroom below by Miles Redd!This room designed by Vincente Wolfe was the inspiration for a more streamlined, box-pleat canopy. The room we are designing looks exactly like this in plan. As you can see, the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room. We’re designing a traditional tufted chaise and a cozy club chair to provide a quiet place to read the newspaper or a book in the evenings. To show how each of the fabrics will be used for the canopy, headboard and bedskirt, we created this illustration. The walls will be painted in a lovely pale blue strie. The fabrics selected are a wonderful combination of natural cotton, silk, linen, wool and cashmere, alpaca, and a soft bamboo silk rug. For us, the coziest, most enveloping rooms are ones that include a variety of different textures and patterns. All together they just cry out: stay a while! This room will be coming together at the end of the summer. Stay tuned!

  • Jeannine Doumar

    So beautiful! Would you work with an upholsterer or a seamstress? It seems like such a specialized item, I wouldn’t know where to start with finding someone who could execute it so beautifully.

  • KMP Furniture Blog

    Canopy beds give out that glam vibe always. The carpets are wonderful in each room. I love the practicality of each room.

  • Abigail Ahern

    Me too