Finding your Vibe

As interior designers, we like to have multiple projects ongoing for the pure joy of having infinite opportunities to be creative. Entering the first phase of our design process, we like to take the time to get to know our clients so that when we put together our first design presentation for them, they feel like we’ve addressed their “wish list” and that they have been a part of the creative process. I’ve been known to ask a client at an early meeting, “What is your vibe for the (fill in the blank here: kitchen, living room, dining room)?” The usual response is a nervous giggle followed by an interesting response. We all know how we feel comfortable living, even if it’s as straightforward as, “I really don’t like the color yellow,” as one client recently told us. In my own new home, Lauren and I thought (and continue to think!) a lot about how I intend the house to look and feel. There are so many opportunities to make rooms beautiful, but we’d like this house to feel specifically ours. Sound familiar? Here are a collection of images that I’ve culled that inspire that oh-so-tricky-to-verbalize “vibe” we’re going for. Above, a sun room designed by David Netto in Nashville. Touches of rattan, super comfortable upholstery, a mix of antiques. Above, an indoor-outdoor feeling.
A chesterfield style sofa for guests to perch on while we make dinner, natural rugs, classic English antiques. Unfussy, colorful bedrooms. And sometimes you can’t pinpoint anything specific about a space, but you know it gives you that “feeling.”

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    The fist 2 photos, the interiors are a bit cluttered, but the rest of the rooms look fantastic, especially the last room, the living room, it’s so lovely and cozy, bravo!