Indoor Lanterns

Harkening back to early carriage houses and cobblestone street lighting, designers are bringing lanterns inside to light up both the most formal drawing room and the most casual family room. 

Back to back sofas

The modern day response to the historical tete-a-tete, two sofas placed back to back are a great way to furnish large rooms that need ample seating.

Incorporating Art into bookcases

Adding a treasured piece of art to your bookcases is an easy way to add interest to your shelves; done well, it can eliminate the need to accessorize all together!

Dark Lacquered Walls

Balanced with light colored furnishings and lots of colorful art and accessories, there’s nothing “dark” about these brown and black painted rooms.

Daring Color Combinations

Inspired by art, nature, a beautiful textile or a tile seen in a far away place, daring color combinations don’t have to be bright or even bold, they just have to make you think.