Interior Lighting Design Part 2

Choosing lighting for bedrooms can be a challenge. We like for there to be a variety whenever possible. It’s nice to have the option to have both a swing arm lamp (either positioned for reading light or to better light the entire room) and a table lamp for ambient lighting. In this bedroom, for example we were able to include a swing arm reading lamp on the wall and a ceramic table lamp on the bedside table.           Blog-Pt2LightingDesign-Bedrooms1Below, in this client’s master bedroom, we have an overhead light, two swing arm lights on either side of the bed for reading at night, a lamp on the dresser opposite the bed and a pair of task standing lamps to provide additional ambient light. The swing arm lights are being installed close enough to the bed and high enough so that you can easily reach over and turn the on/off switch if you are reading. If additional lighting is desired, a pair of lamps could also be added on top of the bedside tables. Blog-Pt2LightingDesign-Bedrooms2Sources: Hinson – Double Swing wall lamp, Circa Lighting – Rosehill Semi FlushBlog-Pt2LightingDesign-Bedrooms3

Blog-Pt2LightingDesign-Bedrooms4Sources: Christopher Spitzmiller ceramic lampSchumacher floor lamp

In the guest bedroom, the look is a little more modern and whimsical (we’re using Quadrille’s Arbre de Matisse wallpaper in here) with a pair of mid-century modern side tables and wall sconces.
Blog-Pt2LightingDesign-Bedrooms-5 Sources: Circa Lighting Aerin Clemente Light, Circa Lighting – Frank Flush MountBlog-Pt2LightingDesign-Bedrooms6Are you having trouble finding lighting solutions for one of your bedrooms? Comment with a question and we’ll try and help you out!